How Do I Update The Board Of Directors Page?


The Board of Directors Page (Located on the front-end and here on the backend) is updated using the following steps - 

1 - Do a search for all Board Members with this script here - CLICK HERE

2 - Add or remove the tag "Board Member" (exactly as written with caps) to add or remove board members.

3 - Go to this page in the dashboard ( and select "Clear Cache" in the submenu below "Site Settings"


4 - Check the page on the front end to see if it looks the way you want. 

5 - Make sure your board member has a photo!!

6 - To add a photo search for the board member using step 1 - then click on their name. 

7 - Click on the "profile" tab and scroll down to "profile image" - Upload a SQUARE profile image. 

8 - Repeat step 3 to clear the cache and check the website again to verify your changes. 

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