Latinas Lead CA was Founded in 2015, by Monica Rodriguez (current Los Angeles City Councilwoman), Diana Rodriguez, Julissa Gomez, Danielle Cendejas, Susan Sifuentes-Trigueros, Ana Ponce, Maria Mejia, Marisa Yeager, Cinthia Flores, and Gabriela Medina (YPN Co-founders)  who formerly had served together on a previous political action committee but decided to branch out and solely focus on helping elect Latinas to office.

Our story began because we saw a severe lack of Latina representation throughout the state. We saw first hand the changing demographic for Latinas in California and the shortcoming in leadership positions, especially in political office. We knew this niche needed to be filled, it was our duty to step up to the challenge. We saw the need to focus and bring a collective voice for Latinas throughout the state and that is why we created this organization, to create a pipeline for other Latinas and for future generations. Alongside establishing this organization we also created  The Youth Professional Network (YPN) to ensure a continued bench of representation for the upcoming Latinas and future leaders of this state and nation.


Latinas Lead California is the first and only non-partisan political action committee dedicated to increasing the number of Latinas in elected office, appointments, and other prominent leadership positions.
We do this by providing funds and critical resources to endorsed candidates. We do so, by hosting signature fundraising events, maximizing our Young Professionals Network (YPN), providing mentorship, building our membership, and empowering Latinas from all walks of life. 
Latinas Lead California values and engage Latinas in the political process by ensuring Latinas have a seat at the political table. Juntas somos poderosas.


To ensure more Latinas have a seat at the political table. Latinas Lead California will bring their vision to life by:
  • Providing funds and critical resources to endorsed candidates.
  • Assisting endorsed candidates by participating in "Get Out The Vote" efforts and amplifying the campaign message.
  • Developing the next generation of Latina leaders through our Young Professionals Network (YPN).


Latinas Lead California’s Board of Directors include some of the most decorated and impactful Latinas in the state. Some of whom are appointed state officers, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and mothers, all with the same vision and goal in mind, electing more Latinas to office and positions of influence.
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