Our endorsement process involves several levels of vetting to ensure Latinas Lead California supports qualified Latina candidates committed to leading in their communities.

To be considered for endorsement, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Latina running for local, state, or federal office; 
  • Demonstrate electoral viability; 
  • Demonstrate the ability to address issues impacting the Latinx community you wish to represent; and
  • Demonstrate a keen understanding of the office duties and responsibilities you seek to be elected. 

Candidate Endorsement Application UPDATE: Endorsement Applications will open on October 6, 2023 through December 8, 2023 midnight. Endorsement interviews will be held during a two-week period in December. More details will be shared soon. 

Disclaimer: Candidates seeking endorsement must apply via the link below. We will not accept applications submitted via email or any other form.

For the Full Application, please click here.