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As you start to construct your rolodex, prepare yourself to talk to every single person you know and call in every favor you’re owed for this campaign. Your personal connections are going to form the foundation of your network that you can then build-out. The relationships in your life matter and this is where they really come into play.

Building the Foundation

You’re going to need to expand your network starting from the personal relationships you already have. Create opportunities to meet new people and improve your already-existing relationships with others.
While it’s important to get to know the entire community for your campaign, if you win the election, you’re going to be representing these people for as long as you’re in that office. Get to know these people, their families, and what really matters to them during the course of your campaign and beyond.
Here are some ideas for places to draw from when you start building your rolodex:
  • Phone, computer, email
  • Physical address books
  • Wedding invitation list
  • Holiday card list
  • Spouse/partner’s contacts
  • Boards, charities, and professional groups you’re associated with
  • High school and college alumni groups
  • Religious organizations
  • Neighborhood directory
You should use an Excel spreadsheet to begin building out your roster and list of potential supporters.