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As an elected official, it will be important to be as proficient as possible in your public speaking skills in order to communicate your messages and stances on important issues to those you intend to achieve their support. Check out some of our top tips for conquering public speaking confidently.

Tips for Public Speaking:



You may have a message that will truly help countless amounts of people, but if you do not show confidence and conviction in the words you are speaking, the sense of insecurity will be felt by your listeners.


Practice but don’t memorize

Instead of memorizing every line of your talk, you should instead focus on remembering your key points and central ideas that create your platform.


Be Yourself

At the end of the day, people want to be able to connect with those of which are looking to represent their best interests. It becomes very clear early on in one’s campaign if he or she is a genuine person and not just another talking head that is worried more about fitting into the box that makes a politician.


Speak Naturally 

When speaking to the public, you should be focused on treating it like a conversation you are having with your friends and those of which you hold in high regard.


Connect with your audience

When giving your speech or public talk, you should make sure that you have time allotted for your audience to join in on your points to create a conversation.


Become a Storyteller

Telling a story that centers around a central problem and then following it up with a solution will create the sense that you will do the same with all issues that you come across during your time in office.

One of the most important public speaking skills you need is to show up and speak as your authentic self & from your corazón. It will not only benefit you in the long run but will provide a breath of fresh air in the form of positivity that seems to be all but lost these days.